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We kindly ask you to read carefully the following terms of use. By accessing to this website you declare to be aware and to accept the following warnings and legal information.

The site’s users should be aware that, generally, Internet is not considered as a secure environment and that the data transmitted via Internet could be accessed by third unauthorized parties, who could disclose these data, amend their contents or cause technical troubles.

The data transmitted via Internet could cross national borders even if the sender and the recipient are located in the same country. It is therefore possible that the introduced data are transferred in a country where lower standards of data protection are in place than in the user’s residence country. Essentia Family Office SA is not liable in relation with data safety during their transmission via Internet.

Processing, safety and use of data by Essentia Family Office SA

Essentia Family Office SA does not collect personal data through the website except if the user makes available explicitly and consciously such data (see contact module). Anyhow, your personal data will be used for internal purposes only and will not be disclosed to third parties.


The whole content of Essentia Family Office SA’s website is protected by copyright. Essentia Family Office SA is the owner of all rights. Nowhere in the website a licence or a right of use of images, registered marks or logo are granted.

The saving or printing of selected paged and/or parts are allowed subject to the condition that neither the copyright symbol nor other legally protected denominations are cancelled. The reproduction (total or partial), the transmission (by electronic way or other equipment), the amendment, the connection or the use of the website Essentia Family Office SA for public or commercial purposes without prior written authorization by Essentia Family Office SA are forbidden. Any property right remains with Essentia Family Office SA. Essentia Family Office SA reserves all rights on the elements of the website.

No offering

The information published on the website do not constitute an offering and are merely for information purposes.

No warranty

Although Essentia Family Office SA commits to grant the reliability of information of the website at the time of their publication, neither Essentia Family Office SA nor its contractual partners can grant or deliver implicit or explicit warranties (also toward third parties) about information’s accuracy, reliability, completeness and timeliness. The information of the website of Essentia Family Office SA may be amended at any time without notice.

Essentia Family Office SA is not liable and does not deliver any warranty that the functions of the website cannot be discontinued or that Essentia Family Office SA’s website or the related server are free of viruses or other harmful component.

Limitations of responsibility

Essentia Family Office SA is not responsible under any circumstances (also in case of negligence) for potential damages either direct or indirect or consequent, arising from the access to Essentia Family Office SA’s website elements or from its use, or from the impossibility to access or to use such elements or from the link to other websites. Essentia Family Office SA decline any responsibility for handlings by unauthorized persons of the Internet user’s system. Specific reference is made to the danger of viruses and to the possibility of hacker’s targeted attacks. For the purpose of protection from viruses, we recommend to use updated browser’s versions only, to download always an updated protection’s tool, and to void the opening of e-mails sent by unknowns or enclosures of unexpected e-mails.

Data protection

Data protection is paramount for Essentia Family Office SA and the personal data are treated as confidential. The data received via Internet will not be transmitted to third parties and are handled in accordance with the intended purposes. Once the user has spontaneously delivered his data, he explicitly declares to be aware about the reported data and explicitly gives his consent that Essentia Family Office SA is authorized to process the data delivered by the user in the context of the use of the website, to the purpose of delivery of further successive information related to the services or the features of Essentia Family Office SA.

Essentia Family Office SA may amend at any time the content of this statement and publish the new versions in its website only.

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