Essentia is a point of reference for its clients and plays this role through awareness-raising, organization and reordering the components of family wealth. Essentia's intervention methodology is based purely on consultation, carried out with the total absence of conflict of interest and with the outmost transparency towards its client.

"...A deep and lasting relationship..."

The company brings its own intellectual and rational contribution to its advisory service, just as a craftsman puts all of his passion into his work. Essentia's activity and contribution develops over a long period of time, requiring periodic reassessment of the facts. For this reason, Essentia is a meticulous partner who is committed to establishing a deep and lasting relationship with each of its clients.

Essentia's operating environment is sensitive in two reciprocal ways depending on whether it intervenes on the asset front (therefore financial) or on the family front (therefore emotional).

Responsibility, discipline and integrity are the three core values that guide Essentia and allow it to apply order in planning very lengthy and complex operations in detail and conducting its business with full respect for professional ethics. Dedication and discretion are the features that characterize Essentia's approach to the client.